Far South Future is a grassroots community alliance advocating for sustainable development that is inclusive of the needs of residents, existing industries and the environment. We are tourism operators, local business owners, aquaculture employees and concerned local residents. We are not affiliated with any political party.

“Sustainability requires that every community meet the needs of all its members (including plants and animals), present and future, without compromising the needs of other communities meeting the needs of their members, present and future.”
Michael H. Shuman

Our vision

We envisage a united and sustainable Far South in which development is compatible with our natural assets, our livelihoods, our values and our lifestyle for the entire community for generations to come.

Our Aims

  • To preserve the natural beauty and tranquility of the Far South and to retain the lifestyle that residents currently enjoy.
  • To ensure the Far South continues to be an attraction for visitors from all over the world.
  • To advocate on behalf of current Far South tourism operators and other local business owners.
  • To give voice to community concerns in relation to proposed developments in the Far South region.
  • To encourage development in the region that preserves our natural assets, that is sustainable and compatible with existing industries, and based on community licence. ​
  • To achieve greater transparency and accountability to the community from elected leaders at all levels of government.
  • To bring community together for the common goal of sustainable development for the region.

Our History

Far South Future was formed to oppose the proposed Southwood Fibre woodchip port at Strathblane and was officially incorporated as an association (Save our South Inc.) on 1 May 2018. An industrial export woodchip facility was anathema to many who lived in the Far South, who had invested in tourism, hospitality, aquaculture, horticulture, agriculture, nature-based businesses, the arts and lifestyle. It was going to devalue and tarnish the clean, green branding that drives the regional economy.

Far South Future mounted a grassroots campaign in response to the proposal. A team of experienced researchers from across the spectrum of community, industry, education, enterprise and endeavour undertook a skilled, forensic examination of the James Neville Smith woodchip proposal and identified major flaws in both the proposal and the process. A number of factors led the developer to withdraw the proposal on July 26, 2018.

This process brought together people from all walks of life and galvanised and unified many of the people in our community. We feel that our combined skill set should continue to be used to work on positive and inclusive ideas that will help our community to prosper into the future without adversely affecting our health, our combined investments in the area and the environment. The skills honed during the woodchip port debate, the insights gathered, the expertise both accrued and networked, places Far South Future as a credible voice to continue the conversation about how we see our future in the Far South.

Committee Members

Our committee members are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. The following were elected at the AGM on 28th August 2019 for a one year term.

President Wren Fraser Cameron
Vice President Gillian Richards
Vice President Gary Ashdown
Treasurer James Vicary
Secretary Wren Fraser Cameron
Public Officer Arthur Clark
Committee Milca Perez
Committee Bianca Curran
Committee Rachael Trueman
Committee Helen Whitty


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