Dover To Southport Walking Track


Local tourism association, Far South Tasmania Inc. commissioned a report on the development of a walking track linking Dover bay to Southport bay upon receipt of a grant from Bendigo Bank in 2011.

John Hughes was employed to design the track and prepare a report detailing the construction and costs associated. The objective of the project was to design and construct a suitable track linking the two areas, focusing on and exposing coastal views whilst respecting any sensitive features of the forest habitat. The start of the track will coincide with the conclusion of the existing Tasmanian Trail, which stretches from Devonport to Dover.


The extension to Southport bay is part of a longer vision that will ultimately see a connection with the highly popular multiday trek – South Coast Track. The track was assessed to AS2156.1-2001 Walking Track Class 3 standard. It will be 6.1km long and 800mm wide. The work assessment for each section of the track assumes that suitably skilled crews will undertake the work, however the track design will allow community and volunteer groups to assist in certain sections under the supervision of experienced track crew.

Far South Future believes that the Far South has the natural attraction to maintain a strong appeal to the major growth market of nature-based tourism. This track would offer a variety of experiences and activities within a beautiful setting and a range of opportunities for locals and visitors. Far South Future is currently seeking stakeholder engagement and funding options to make this track a reality.

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